2009 - 2019

for TEN years of support.

HG World Cast & Crew

Voice Actors
Jason  Amunrud
Curt  Arndt
Eric  Avedissian
Larry  Bailey
Glen  Bartram
James  Baxter
Frank  Bedene
Kathy  Bowler
DJ  Breau
Mandy  Burbank
Eric "B" Busby
Peter  Cavell
Renee  Chambliss
Chris  Clendenning
Doc  Coleman
Steve  Cox
Keith R A DeCandido
Caith  Donovan
Stacy  Dooks
John S Drew
Audio  Élan
Tracy Angelina Evans
Eugie  Foster
M Sieiro Garcia
Kim  Gianopoulos
Veronica  Giguere
Alex  Gilmour
Bernadette  Groves
Tracy  Hall
Shane  Harris
Glenn  Hascall
Orenthal  Hawkins
Julie  Hoverson
Jules  Ismail
Dedrick  Jensen-Woodard
Gwendolyn  Jensen-Woodard
DT  Kelly
Ayoub  Khote
Jim  Krut
Martha  Linbo-Terhaar
Adam  Lincoln
Bryan  Lincoln
John  Lincoln
Cheryl  Malcom
Tanja  Milojevic
Laura  Nicole
Mae Sally Rouge  Pax
Scott  Pigg
Jeremy  Pinkham
Teresa  Queen
Rebecca  Rinas
Dave  Robison
Ron  Runeborg
Ray  Saltrelli
Lee  Sands
Dustin  Shanafelter
Reena  Sharma
Lance  Shoenberg
Ryan  Smith
David  Sobkowiak
Carole  Stokes
Ethan  Stokes
Michael L Stokes
Ginny  Swann
Dayton  Ward
Scott  Wentworth
Roy  Winger
Mark  Zaricor

Created and Written by
Jay Smith

Engineering and Original Music by
Michael L Stokes

Directed and Edited by
Bryan Lincoln

Foley Effects by
Scott Pigg

Ayoub Khote
Bryan Lincoln
Laura Nicole
Jim Patton
Scott Pigg
Michael L Stokes
Ginny Swann

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