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One of Radio's Lost Treasures Re-discovered!


This site is dedicated to the 1930s radio series created by Nolan Bellson and produced by Myron Glossman for WDOX radio in New York City. As episodes are restored and released, they will be posted here along with a bit of commentary and history. 



Hidden Harbor is one of many regionally-produced radio shows of the era whose episodes were thought destroyed. Never transcribed for syndication, only clips survived the blaze that destroyed WDOX in the 1950s.  Upon the death of Nolan Bellson's son Emmett, his estate revealed a collection of recordings that constitute the complete and controversial "Penumbra" arc of 1936.  Engineer Bryan Lincoln and Historian Jay Smith were commissioned to complete the restoration begun by Emmett Bellson.



Perhaps driven by the controversy surrounding the show during its run, the mystique of Hidden Harbor Mysteries continues to draw speculation and debate among scholars of radio's golden age.  For the first time since the 1940s, a complete set of episodes will be released featuring the first appearances of Samantha Eubanks as the "Femme Phantom."


Be sure to visit our Episode and Cast/Crew Pages to learn how this discovery helped recreate a rare moment from radio's Golden Age!


Hidden Harbor Mysteries was produced by Bryan Lincoln and written by Jay Smith featuring a distinguished cast in an exciting tale of adventure, intrigue and even a little romance!   Best of all, all 15 EXCITING EPISODES ARE FREE!


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The wait is over. A radio classic returns, newly restored for a new generation of listeners and finally some of the questions about this entertainment enigma will be answered for those of us old fans as well.

Craig Crissman, author of The Golden Age Reborn


Almost as chaotic and raw as a real, live radio drama series from the 1930s!

The National Radio Times

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